Why Was This Class Created

About Me

The relationship between a newly adopted dog and its new family is a fragile one. As the training director for one shelter, and a training partner for several rescue groups and shelters, I see the anguish families go through when the dog they adopted exhibits behaviors that are destructive, challenging, or aggressive.

It is because of this that I felt compelled to create this course. The average family that adopts a dog is looking to do something good; give a dog in need a good home. They are not looking for a project or a problem. All too often, this is what they wind up with.

The fault lies with a lack of education. If shelters and rescues would discuss the unique needs of the dog after it is adopted, in greater detail, more owners would be prepared to deal with some of the challenges. Unfortunately many rescue groups and shelters don't adequately understand dog behavior, modern science-based dog training, or behavior modification. All three of these come into play.

This is why I created this course. I hope you find it beneficial and eye opening.

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